MAKE series

We want you to discover "your own sound".
A product line that proposes a new rationale for earphones.
A system that allows you to customize your own sound by simply
switching sound filters facilitates 77 variations with MAKE1 and 847 variations
with MAKE2&3. Discover your own sound within these variations to newly
reveal the impressive power of your favorite tracks for a completely
new listening experience. Once you experience it, you will never want to return!
About the MAKE Series
final has held popular event "earphones assembling workshop" that grew in size to over 5,000 participants in total, and we leveraged our experience o plan the MAKE Series, a product line that proposes a new rationale for earphones.
Background of the MAKE Series
From making earphones to making sound
At the earphones assembling workshop, initially we focused on assembling earphones more than making sound. After we earned a reputation that making own sound through the filters and other parts is great experience at the workshop, we changed to more focus on making sound.
What is "your own sound"?
More than half of participants to the earphones assembling workshop were repeaters. We began hearing appeals such as "Something does not feel right if I can't tune my own earphones," and "these are so much better than my ordinary hi-end earphones that I just can't let go." Fortunately, this represented the discovery of a unique sound customization experience.

There is a reason why people felt this Sound Customization experience. The shapes of different people's ear canals are completely different, so even if two people are listening to the same sound source, the sound received by the tympanic membrane of the ear will vary from person to person. This varied range of sensation further propels listeners toward a multifarious recognition of the most desirable sound. So, naturally regardless of how highly a product might be evaluated, any individual listener might feel that it doesn't sound good.

The fact that relatively few differences in physical characteristics can lead to a wide range of differences in the sensations perceived by users has been made clear ny research into virtual reality in recent years. Moreover, the ear canal becomes plugged once earphones are inserted, thereby magnifying the differences. And that makes it possible to pinpoint "your own sound" for each individual listener within a narrow range.
Finding your own sound
Once you find your own most desirable sound, you will find that sounds you had not previously noticed become audible. You begin to feel the depth and space of the soundstage as you begin to draw new impressions from listening again to your favorite musical tracks. This creates a totally new listening experience, and once you experience it, you will never want to go back.
The below images of a starry sky simulate the concrete before/after experience. The sky appears flat and two-dimensional in the before image whereas in the after image, not only has the number of stars increased, but the expanse and depth of the sky also become perceptible.
Making this experience available to more people
Finding your own most desirable sound is a lifelong asset for music listening.
We wants to help more and more people to taste this experience. This was the start of the Make Project. We want you to spend time in your own home pursuing your own most desirable sound to your own satisfaction so that you may enjoy the benefit for time immemorial.
About mechanism of listening sound
Basic knowledge regarding tuning earphons and headphones
In order to find your own most desirable sound, basic knowledge about sound evaluation and earphone/headphone evaluation is essential. We explain from the basic knowledge such as the system for hearing sound and ear structure to the ideal characteristics of earphones/headphones. Please click on the button below to see the details.
Universally good sound quality
Based on experience to date and the scholarly results of sound engineering, we undertake tuning capable of satisfying the vast majority of customers by default without taking any additional action.
You can create your own most desirable sound
A system allows you to customize your own sound by simply opening the main body and switching sound filters. There are multiple locations at which sound filters can be replaced, and we provide different density filters, and so through combinations of these, there are 77 possible configurations for Make1 and 847 possible configurations for Make2&3.
How to make your own sound
<Step 0: Listen using the default configuration>
Try listening using the default configuration. If you do not feel any dissatisfaction, the default configuration may be said to be your Most Desirable Sound. If you experience any dissatisfaction or would simply like to experiment, please proceed to Step 1.

<Step 1: Form an image>
Listen to several tracks of your favorite music and try using the earphones until you have formed specific images of how you would like to improve the sound, such as "I'd like the bass to be deeper" or "I'd like the high range to be crisper and clearer".

<Step 2: Search for your most desirable sound>
Try replacement of each filter in accordance with the image provided for Step1. (Requires 2-3 minutes per operation.) The below images illustrate the locations into which to insert each filter and a graphical representation of the type of sound attenuation that results from differences in the density of each filter.

<Step3: Repeat>
Repeat Step1-2 until it matches the image.
For details, please refer to the "About Tuning" for each model.
Infinite selection of sound
As we mention above, a system that allows you to customize your own sound by simply switching sound filters facilitates 77 variations with MAKE1 and 847 variations with MAKE2&3. Furthermore, in addition to the filters that come with the products, if you prepare another material (natural fiber that is preferable in terms of sound quality such as silk and cotton) yourself, the sound that can be selected will be infinite.
Long-Life, repairable construction
The front-rear two-piece separable construction makes the product easy to repair for a lifetime of use.
Sensation of a customized fit 1
Whether the fit of an earphone feels superior or not is determined by a sensation of oppression. Based on the science of ergonomics, we have selected an organic shape, and while using the elasticity of silicone to hold the earphone in place may appear appropriate at first glance, by applying regular force to the ear it creates a strain on the ear of which the listener may not be aware, resulting in accumulation of fatigue. This product seeks to liberate the user from the sensation of oppression with regard to fit of insertion.
Sensation of a customized fit 2
With the E Type earpiece, utmost efforts have been made to avoid reliance on silicone elasticity, and so, as apparent from the below diagram, the earbud and the axis parts are use silicone of differing hardness in order to make it difficult for the sensation of oppression to occur. The sensation of a natural fit is one of the reasons our product is highly appraised.
Sensation of a customized fit 3
A stable sensation of fit is achieved by contact with three parts of the ear. As illustrated in the below diagram, the pink areas comprise one point of contact (ear pocket), the green areas comprise on point of contact (earpiece) and a blue area (tragus) comprises the third point of contact. Compared to a shape that comes in contact with an organically large area of the ear, the limited contact area of this shape conforms to the ears of many users. Elasticity of silicone, etc. is not employed.
There is no oppressive force on any of the points of contact in the ear, and this gives the earphone a sense of conforming fit. Suffice to say that this provides the superior sensation of fit worthy of a customized earphone.
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) stainless steel housing
MIM is a process by which powdered metal is mixed with a binder to form a resin in the desired shape and applying high-temperature sintering to achieve the desired form.
The resin has the same high level of freedom of form as the finished product, and to use it to create the chassis of an earphone it was necessary to resolve the issues of 20-30% shrinkage during the sintering and difficulty in maintaining quality assurance for surface processing of an external product part. We used 3-D printer technology to develop a titanium earphone that solved the problems of MIM, achieving an uncanny sharp edge and smooth surface.
* Slight dents is a characteristic of MIM technology.
Possible to create better sound than the manufacturer
<Match to the characteristics of your ears>
Ears come in various shapes and sizes, and hearing varies accordingly. The manufacturer can only set standards for the average ear and set the sound quality accordingly, but it is possible for amateurs set the sound quality based on the fixed characteristics of their own ears.
<You can set the sound volume>
The level of sound volume required for listening to music varies from person to person, but volume is the means by which sound is heard and has a particular impact on the audibility of low range sounds. Below is a graph that illustrates tis with loudness track lines.

If sound volume is set within one's own required parameters, it is possible to set more vibrant sound quality within those parameters.
<Possible to limit the genre of music>
The sound range of importance varies in accordance with the genre of music, but for ready-made products only it is generally only possible to set an average audibility for each range of sound. Then, by your own adjustment, for example listeners who enjoy hard-driving music pay great attention to bass whereas for listeners who enjoy female vocals will focus more on the high range, and it is possible to set sound quality accordingly.

<An infinity of time can be spent making adjustments>
Manufacturers have time limits that they must observe, but there are no limits when making adjustments for oneself. It is possible to spend time day-by-day making sound adjustments based on various environments and source sources.

<Possible to Respond to Changes>
The sound that you perceive to be good will change in accordance with your musical experience and experience using earphones. Generally speaking, people begin by judging that showy sound with good coordination of bass and high range sound to be good but slowly by slowly begin to prefer natural sounds. It is possible to adjust sound quality in accordance with such changes in preference.
Equipment Capable of Becoming an Antique
Earphones are currently marketed as a subcategory of electrical goods, and as such from a cost perspective replacement is more rational than repair. Regrettably, we are the same. But, we should desire products that can be repaired and have long useful lifetimes. These are the types of products capable of becoming antiques for which demand has been increasing. The final brand began with a high price range, and these earphones are a product capable of being repaired. Previously, we do not believe there to have been any such products within this price range. Your Optimal Sound will also change with age as your musical experience accumulates. These earphones are an exciting new proposition of a product that once complete can later be newly adjusted as time passes, growing together with the user.
FAQ Regarding the Product
If you have any uncertainties regarding the product, please click on the button below to check our FAQ page.

Product Comparison

Product Name
Housing Stainless steel mirror-finished Stainless steel gunmetal finish Stainless steel matt black finish
Driver Balanced Armature driver Balanced Armature driver + Dynamic driver Dynamic driver
Cable Silver coated cable / MMCX connector Black cable / MMCX connector Black cable / MMCX connector
Sensitivity 106dB/mW 92dB/mW 98dB/mW
Impedance 12Ω 13Ω 15Ω
Weight 39g 34g 34g
Cord length 1.2m 1.2m 1.2m


A product that proposes
a new rationale for earphones.
Balances high resolution with
natural sound for clear, expanding sound.


A product that proposes
a new rationale for earphones.
Impressive sound that fuses
beautiful mid-range with driving bass.


A product that proposes
a new rationale for earphones.
Pursues a high benchmark basic,
naturally expanding sound.