Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering
and psychological research results.
With high definition and flat, natural sound quality,
this product could be considered a "standard".
The first final products equipped with a controller. 
We've carried out the sound design of this product based on the latest acoustic engineering
and psychological research results. Using the usual method of sound creation whereby
certain high frequencies are emphasized, you're given to feel vivid sound when you first listen,
but because of this, other ranges become clouded and hard to hear.
With E3000, not creating a range that is emphasized makes for high definition and
a vast sound stage. With well-balanced sound reproduction from low through to high frequencies,
you can experience the same kind of sound spread you would if you listened to music in a concert hall.
With this product, we've aimed at natural sound quality for a "standard" whose value you feel
the more you use it over time rather than just in its appeal when you first listen to it.
Sound creation based on acoustic engineering and psychology
We've carried out the sound design of this product based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results. Using the usual method of sound creation whereby high frequencies are given a sharp peak and certain high frequencies are emphasized, you're given to feel vivid sound when you first listen,
but because of this peak, the anteroposterior ranges are masked and hard to hear.
With the E series, making the arc of the frequency response smooth overall ensured that
no bands were masked, and we achieved high resolution.
Unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism
With their swing fit mechanism, the earpieces can be swung left and right and tilted towards the audio canal for a perfect fit. These prevent changes in shape owing to the aperture of the earpiece coming into contact with the audio canal. The sound is transmitted directly to the eardrum, delivering clear sound.
6.4mmφ dynamic driver unit
The precision involved in assembling the parts for the driver unit is of the utmost importance.
The small-aperture 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver unit boasts an extraordinarily high level of
precision for this price range.
Highly rigid machined stainless steel housing
Machined from stainless steel and with a mirror finish, the housing firmly supports the driver unit and suppresses unnecessary vibrations; it is an important element with respect to sound quality.
Fitting of a device for the mature listener, this is a design that has a simple shape and a high-quality texture matched with classic sound quality.
Stainless steel mesh housing back
There is an aperture on the back of the housing which act to extend
the reproduction band of low frequencies.
To prevent sound leakage from the apertures there is a filter inside,
and stainless steel mesh has been added to the outside.
Single-button controller with microphone
The first final products equipped with a controller. With a single button, you can play, stop, rewind, fast forward and take incoming calls. The accompanying microphone makes hands free communication possible. 
* Certain music reproduction functions may not available depending on the model used.
To easily distinguish between left and right, the axis of the earpieces are different colors
Two types of silicon differing in rigidity are employed for the sound conduit and for the earbud that comes into contact with the user's ear. The silicon used for the sound conduit is more rigid than that used for the earbud, and by having groove processing applied to it, combines both strength and flexibility. Soft silicon has been employed for the earbud, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation.

To make it easier to distinguish between the left and right earpieces, one axis is gray while the other is red.
By tilting the earpieces slightly and checking their color, it is easy to distinguish left from right
even in a dim place.
Comes in 5 sizes – SS/S/M/L/LL
Ear hooks that alleviate cable touch noise
With similar existing products, it was assumed that they would be fitted to ears of differing sizes; not only were they large in size, their appearance was rather too distinct, and it took a lot to get accustomed to fitting them. Having considered what the key to fitting the ear hooks was, we discovered a form that was smaller than existing ear hooks, that didn't utilize metal or resin wires and fit the ears of more people.
We've achieved something that is slim and does not have a foreign feel to it, making for the kind of
comfort that has you forgetting you're wearing them.
Cable noise – the unpleasant noise that occurs when the cable touches the user's body when they are
walking – is dramatically reduced.
Original cable that suppresses touch noise
Taking touch noise into consideration, soft, flexible coated material has been employed.
When using ear hooks also, it moves flexibly, making for a good fit.
Aging refers to the phenomenon whereby sound changes with sustained use over a set period of time.
With the driver unit, the extremely thin film that is heated and shaped vibrates to create sound. The reason for this is not clear, but the stress from the adhesive and the stress applied when shaping the film settles down as it is used, and it is thought that perhaps micro-signals move more freely.

With this product, because of the small apertures, an extended length of time is necessary for changes according to aging become hard to identify. Generally, 150 ~ 200 hours of regular use increases delicacy and sound quality follows the intent of the original design.

* Since the reason for sound quality improving through aging has not been clearly established, nothing could be clearly stated about aging until now. We have been checking this phenomenon, and have decided to express our opinions so as to collect as many questions regarding aging from customers as possible.
Product code
Stainless steel mirror-finished
6.4mmΦ dynamic driver
OFC cable
100 dB/mW
Cord length
Silicon ear pieces (E type BLACK / BLACK-RED 5 sizes), Ear hook, Pouch
How to wear the earphones
Please refer to the earpiece swing fit mechanism while fitting the product; align the product at an angle where it fits smoothly into the ear. Please check the L (left) and R (right) indicators at the back of the left and right housings. Holding the product, fit into the ears using a slight twisting motion. Since sound quality differs greatly according to the positioning of the ear piece, move each ear phone around while playing music until you find the position with the balance that suits you best. Once you have experienced this position, it will be easier to find subsequently.

* It is usual that a person's ears differ in shape from left to right. As such,
the optimum positioning of the product differs from left to right.
Sound quality reviews
Not emphasizing specific ranges makes for well-balanced sound reproduction from low through to high frequencies and high definition. Sound is powerful, and combines core low frequencies and clear, reaching mid-to high frequencies that are not masked by the low frequencies; you are able to experience the same kind of sound spread you would were you listening to music in a concert hall. Owing to this, you can enjoy acoustic music, jazz, classical and other music that resonates with the ambience of live sound.
User’s manual
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