ZE series

A new classic audiophile-grade truly wireless earbuds with its sound
designed based on the latest research results in acoustic
engineering and psychoacoustics.

UX series

A new headphones series borne out of new approaches to
achieve the superb sound quality with state-of-
the art technologies and features.

Collaboration series

A product series that expresses a world view characteristic of this collaboration.

A series

Design born from new research results about impulse response.
Product series that exhibits new sound quality evaluation criteria.

VR series

A series borne out of new research results for the reproduction of
binaural sound used for game and virtual reality content which
more accurately reproduces the sense of sound direction.

D series

A new series of products that employs original technology that could be considered
a reinvention of planar magnetic models - AFDS (Air Film Damping System)

B series

Each of the latest research results productized
into an engineer driven new series.

MAKE series

We want you to discover "your own sound".
A product line that proposes a new rationale for earphones.

E series

Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic
engineering and psychological research results.
We aimed for a product series where the products
chosen would undoubtedly be referred to
as standards for years to come.

F Series

This series satisfies all of the elements demanded of sound quality
and usability to a high degree, and is one we have every confidence in.


Headphones that reproduce the realism
of vocals and instruments reverberating in a space.

Heaven Series

Earphones that aim for the creation
of music that gives you a high when you listen to it.

FI-BA-SS Series

This flagship model with its balanced armature driver
pursues ideal sound, eliminating compromise.

LAB Series

A series that has "creating something
never seen before" as its concept.

Piano Forte Series

Dynamic driver earphones that value acoustic resonance.


Accessories that are not just add-ons, but are crafted
as "products" in their own right.