EVA2020 x final Truly wireless earphones

[Evangelion] and final collaboration earphones.
In addition to the original design of the earphone chassis and case in the motif of each Evangelion model, original voice guidance, packaging design, etc. make it possible to feel the Evangelion world view at every turn with these truly wireless earphones.
New, totally original design in the motif of each Evangelion model.
Comes in 3 models: Unit-01, Unit-02 and Mark.06, not only the earphone chassis and case but also totally original packaging design in the motif of a waveform expressing the synchro rate in the story as well as original voice guidance recordings by Operator Ibuki Maya (CV: Nagasawa Miki) impart a finish by which the Evangelion world view can be felt at every turn.
Totally Original Design in the motif of each Evangelion unit
3 models available: Unit-01 / Unit-02 / Mark.06. A completely original design newly developed based on the color of each model, having taken copious notes of the EVA chassis design and aiming for a design that makes it possible to feel the image of each Evangelion model no matter where one looks. The chassis and case are imprinted with the number of each model.
Completely original packaging design in the motif of a waveform that expresses the synchro rate
The packaging features a completely original design based on the color of each model: Unit-01, Unit-02 and Mark.06. The motif incorporates the chassis number of each Evangelion model and a waveform that expresses the synchro rate in the story.
Completely original voice guidance by Ibuki Maya (CV: Nagasawa Miki)
Operator Ibuki Maya (CV: Nagasawa Miki) is in charge of announcing Power ON/OFF. For this model, original announcements - not just in Japanese but an English version as well- have been newly recorded. It is possible for users to freely toggle between Japanese and English in accordance with the circumstances of use.
Special aspects of design and construction characteristic of the manufacturer
Because we are a manufacturer that designs and creates earphones and headphones, we value not only outward appearance but internal design as well. Within this focus, precision of the driver unit (speaker) parts and assembly are most important. The small diameter dynamic driver unit employed in this instance boasts exceptionally high precision for this price range.
Balancing high-resolution, clear vocals with powerful bass
Generally speaking, most wireless earphones rely heavily on a software based equalizer for sound quality adjustment, particularly for sound emanating from the high range, and this is a cause of listening fatigue. Moreover, bass is overemphasized in an effort to avoid this phenomenon, resulting in the current situation in which many competing products do not achieve balance. Having pursued acoustic characteristics for the driver, etc. so as to make it possible to achieve satisfactory sound even without the use of a software-based equalizer, we have adopted a methodology for equalization to achieve a slight correction of just the irritating high range sound caused by Bluetooth®. With the backing of this technology we achieve good sound reproduction that strikes a balance between high-resolution, clear vocals and powerful bass.
Supreme highest sensation of fit
5 sizes of final newly designed [TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition] ear tips are included as accessories. Generally speaking, many competing ear tips are shaped in such a manner that puts strong pressure deep in the ear canal, and wearing them for a long time is a cause of pain and fatigue. The new [TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition] ear tips are a type that fit softly into the opening of the ear canal, and so there is no sensation of a foreign object. By minimizing the sensation of fit itself, we have achieved the “Supreme Highest Sensation of Fit”. Moreover, because the axis color of adjacent sizes is different (alternating dark grey and light grey), it has become easy to distinguish between sizes. The 5 sizes are SS / S / M / L / LL.
Maximum 63 hours of music playback
Maximum 9 hours music playback on a single charge. A long battery specification maximum 63 hours music playback can be achieved by using the charging case accessory.
Compliant with interruption resistant high sound quality aptX™
In addition to SBC and AAC encoding, compliant with interruption resistant, high sound quality codec aptX™. Supported by a wide range of iPhone and Android handsets, and pairing is easy.
Charging case, 5 size ear tips (final TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition), USB Type-C charging cable
How to wear the earphones
Please check the L (left) and R (right) indicators on the housings. Holding the product, fit into the ears using a slight twisting motion. Since sound quality differs greatly according to the positioning of the ear piece, move each earphone around while playing music until you find the position with the balance that suits you best. Once you have experienced this position, it will be easier to find subsequently. If you feel that bass is insufficient, closure of the ear tips with the ear canal may be inadequate. For people with small ears, in the event that the problem cannot be resolved using smaller ear tips, there are times when it may be effective to try larger sizes.

* It is usual that a person's ears differ in shape from left to right. As such, the optimum positioning of the product differs from left to right.
Method of Use
Turning on / off the earphones
>Turning on the earphones
Remove the earphones from the charging case / Press the MFB button one time.
>Turning off the earphones
Continuously press the MFB button for about 3 seconds until two types of beep sound emanate / Return the earphones to the adequately charged charging case.
Operation of the MFB Button
Pairing Method (When using the earphone for the first time)
1. Remove the left and right earphones from the charging case, and they will automatically be in pairing mode. (The LED indicator at left flashes between orange and white.)
2. Switch the Bluetooth function on the smartphone or other device ON and select [EVATW01_L] *1 once it appears on the display.
3. A [Bluetooth pairing request] from the other side earphone will appear on the display, so please select [pairing] or [OK]. (The display varies depending on the smartphone or other device to which it is connected.) When the following appears on the display of the device being connected, left/right pairing has been completed.
*1: In the case of EVATW02, [EVATW02_L], in the case of EVATW06, [EVATW06_L] will be displayed.
Sound quality reviews
Good sound that strikes a balance between high-resolution, clear vocals and powerful bass.
For that reason, instruments that had been diligently buried as accompaniment, chorus, etc. suddenly become audible. As you listen to the same tracks of music over again, you become newly able to discern sounds and expressions that you had never noticed before.

User’s manual
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