Extremely small and lightweight, with a perfect fit and high sound insulation properties. Situated close to the wearer's eardrum
and being highly airtight, this model delivers high resolution,
a vast sound stage and rich bass tones. Employs an MMCX connector
and original high-purity silver-coated OFC cable.
Bringing the driver unit closer to the ear drum achieves an even more realistic, vivid sound quality. In order to achieve this in the F7200, we meticulously downsized the housing with a design consisting of the minimum possible elements. With a diameter of 5.5 mm and a housing weight of 2 g, this miniaturized housing is made of stainless steel. Its design inhibits unnecessary vibration and achieves clear sound quality. Final's unique method of using full-range balanced armature drivers across all models recreates bass tones with a fullness you would never imagine from the housing size. We recently developed a new original silver-plated cable that achieves a wide sound stage. This cable allows re-cabling with MMCX connectors. The earphone comes with an ear hook to prevent micro phonics from the cable. This is one of final's favorite models, realizing all aspects of sound quality and ease of use in a higher dimension.
VGP 2017 Summer
Life Style
2017, Japan
Best Choice
2016, France
Gold Diapason
2016, France
VGP 2017
Life Style
2017, Japan
Loudhead Show
Experts Choice Award
2016, Russia
VGP 2017 Summer
Life Style
2017, Japan
Best Choice
2016, France
Gold Diapason
2016, France
VGP 2017
Life Style
2017, Japan
Loudhead Show
Experts Choice Award
2016, Russia
Housing design that minimizes the distance between the ear drum
and the driver unit.
You can position the product to be at the back or at the entrance of the ear canal, and change the sound quality by choosing different earpieces.
Full-range balanced armature driver unit
We have used an ultra small full-range balanced armature driver unit.
Stainless steel machined high rigidity housing
We have used a stainless steel housing that inhibits unnecessary sympathetic vibration
and contributes to producing clear sound.
Manufactured at our own factory, this model espouses precision.
The F7200 model is manufactured at our head office in Kawasaki. Together with the precision of individual parts, the precision involved in the assembly process depends on the precision of the tools known as jigs that assist in the assembly process. So as to be able to fine-tune even the slightest of irregularities in jig precision during the assembly process, we design and manufacture production jigs and measurement jigs ourselves.
By undertaking everything from jig production through to product assembly in-house, we maintain
the high quality of our products.
Choice of 2 types of earpiece
We've included silicone earpieces in 5 sizes and foam earpieces (COMPLY) in 3 sizes. Achieve a perfect fit no matter how large or small your ear canal is. Sealing performance is closely related to how the bass feels, as well as soundproofing performance. This system enables you to significantly change the fullness of the bass or the soundproofing performance.
MMCX Connector&Original high purity OFC silver coated cable
We've used high-precision MMCX connectors from a famous Swiss manufacturer.

We've used high-purity OFC silver coated cables that provide a wide sound stage. These jointly-developed cables were originally designed by and are currently manufactured by the well-renowned Junkosha corporation for the purpose of being used with the supercomputer "Kei" due to their fast signal
transmission speed.

The insulator film is made from PFA which was also developed by Junkosha who used their extensive know-how through the JUNFLON? brand to create the ultimate in low-permittivity material. The outer tube is made from PVC for maximum flexibility. The user will experience surprising flexibility that both makes the cable extremely easy to use as well as reducing the likelihood of microphonics. In addition, the MMCX plug and the 3.5 mm mini-plug have a tendency to disconnect so we've far exceeded the regular QA pass criteria of a 5,000-time bend test by changing the connection design to one that can withstand more than 50,000 bends.

* Junkosha: The Japanese corporation Junkosha develops and manufactures products such as high speed coaxial cables that boast the world's fastest transmission speed at 95% the speed of light, as well as cables for demanding fields such as marine and aerospace, healthcare and power generation facilities. These special cables require a high level of technology and center around fluoropolymers. Junkosha's cables are often called by the brand name JUNFLON? and have earned the tremendous trust of engineers requiring
special-purpose cables.

* A total length of 1,200 km is now being used in supercomputers, and it takes longer for the electrons to flow through the cables than it does through the semiconductor. As the cable transmission speed is the limiting factor of the supercomputer speed, a substantial amount of development costs are spent in the pursuit of transmission speed.

* The connecting terminal has not been configured with a view to frequent connection and disconnection. Repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the terminal may lead to contact failure owing to wear or damage to the terminal; please ensure that any connection or disconnection is limited to situations of cable breakage or when the cable is replaced with other final cables that are sold separately.
Ear hook
The F series comes with an ear hook to reduce microphonics. Conventional products of the same type are slightly bigger in order to accommodate a range of ear sizes. This not only makes them stand out visually, it will also take you considerable time to get used to how they fit. As a result of re-investigating what the key is in attaching the ear hook, we discovered that making the ear hook smaller than normal, and doing away with metal or resin wires, meant the shape could fit more people's ears.
Newly developed carry case
The carry case for the housing has also been newly developed.
The earphones themselves are gently secured between thin domed silicone and a lid. This case is designed such that the cable is wrapped around the perimeter of the case and the plug is stored in the base compartment separate from the earphones. Cases that fix the earphones neatly in the same position might look good, but your cable will break more easily if it is stored in the same position every time. Our system satisfies opposing demands simultaneously - it takes into account damage that might be caused to the earphones themselves while preventing your cables from breaking by making sure they are not always wound into the same position. The resulting size fits in the palm of your hand, is lightweight, and easy to carry around.
Safe fit ring
The earphone comes with a safe fit rings (for silicon earpieces, for foam earpieces) so you can use your earpiece safely.

*Using the earpieces without the safe fit rings may result in the earpieces changing position and the tips of the housings protruding from the earpieces, which may in turn injure the ear canals.
Product code
Stainless steel mirror finish
Balanced armature
silver-coated OFC
Cord length
Silicon carry case, Silicon ear piece (E type, 5 sizes), Foam ear piece (3 sizes), Safe fit ring,
Ear hook
How to wear the earphones
Check the L (left) and R (right) designations on each bush to distinguish between the right
and left ear pieces (there are also protrusions at the bottom of the L on the left bush,
so that left and right are easily distinguishable even in the dark). Holding the connector,
fit the ear pieces into the ears using a slight twisting motion.

It is usual that a person's ears differ from left to right in terms of audio canal length and shape. Usually, fitting earphones in the same position in both left and right ears results in a discrepancy in the distance between the ear piece and the eardrum; this changes sound quality, and effects a slight sense of discomfort. With the F series, by changing sound quality through the positioning of the ear pieces in the ears, it is possible to avert this sense of discomfort between right and left. While playing music, move each ear piece around individually to find the fit that reproduces the most favorable sound for you. This is the best position for the ear piece. At first, this may take time, but once you have set this position, your body will be quick
to adjust and remember the audibility and the feel of the fit, and it will be easy to fit the ear phones into your ears following this.

You can also change the size of the ear pieces that you use; fit S or SS size ear pieces deep into the audio canals; insert L or LL size ear pieces just inside the ears; change the type of ear piece from silicon to foam and compare the two. Find the size and type of ear piece that delivers the best sound for you.
Sound quality reviews
Clear, smooth sound across all frequencies. Clear abundantly transparent high frequencies are characteristic of this model. Since these are earphones capable of clearly expressing the fresh feel imbued in a piece of music, they are exceptionally suited to genres such as acoustic music. We encourage you to take your time and listen to gentle music compositions using these earphones.
User reviews
In a word, the spatial representation is amazing. As such, you can enjoy any kind of music. And you can clearly hear each and every sound, which is great. Sounds tend towards being fresh, but contrarily, I think that this is one factor that lends them to being suited to a variety of kinds of music.
I think that these earphones would be judged favorably by whoever uses them.
And another thing ? other than sound, these earphones are beautiful, like a piece of jewelry. I think they'd be a hit with women.
(male, 20-29 years)
There is a very high level of high frequency resolution that is not masked by low frequencies. Inserting them deep in the ears heightens this effect. Listening with X1 and XPA-700, XPA-700 has a lot of bass and seems to be a good match. Despite there being a considerable amount of bass, high tones are also clear, and I think these earphones are something never seen before. I'd like to try them with a proper amp.
I think that the foam-type ear pieces are well made. The trick is to wait until the foam swells!?
(male, 40-49 years)
A wide sound field overall. Well-balanced from low through to high tones.
Classical orchestra and brass sounds are warm and this lends a favorable impression.
You can also relax and listen to pop music.
Since the housing is small, it's difficult to distinguish between the left and right bushes. The only way is to detach the cable to check the logo, so I think something needs to be done to deal with this.
There is strong cable noise, so ear hooks are a must.
(male, 50-59 years)
Expresses drums and percussion in detail. (They had me wondering, "Did this have that kind of sound before??") In a positive sense, electric guitar sounds are strong. There is a difference between songs with bass and those without. Vocals are definitely there, and mid- to high- frequencies feel good. High tones are produced right up until just before there is sibilance. And there's no break in high tones.
(male, 30-39 years)
User’s manual
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