Piano Forte IX

Faithfully reflects source sounds, and conveys the atmosphere of a live concert with overwhelming reality.
Piano Forte IX archived to produce space expression which bring atmosphere of live hall and a sense of reality of concert hall which is difficult to be produced by conventional earphones. Piano Forte _ has a stainless body with a mirror-polished finish. Its classy look mirrors a high-precision sound that retains the trueness of
the recorded source.
Stainless steel housing integrally machined ear pieces
At final, we refer to the Piano Forte series with its uniquely shaped sound conduits that have no silicon ear pieces as being "canal open type". With the slightly protruding sound conduit, sound from the diaphragm is fully conveyed to the audio canal, and a superlative fit can be obtained while maintaining the sense of openness of open-type models.

The pivot of sound quality in the Piano Forte series lies in this aperture. With ordinary canal type earphones, silicon ear pieces are used to seal the audio canal. By sealing the audio canal, which connects the diaphragm and the eardrum, it is possible to reproduce even the lowest sounds; in turn, the diaphragm is exposed to high pressure and distortion occurs. At the same time, the silicon ear pad closing off the audio canal moves in much the same way as the diaphragm does. The more the hermetic level is raised and the greater the sound insulation properties, the greater the distortion and resonance sound, and dull bass tones and a feeling of distortion adheres to the music. With the Piano Forte series, silicon ear pieces have been eliminated, and the section of the product inserted into the ear canal has been machined as a single piece with the product. Natural sound with a sense of openness to it has been achieved.

Usually with earphone reproduction, sound seems to play inside the user's head. With the Piano Forte series, the sound that is emitted passes through space to the user, making it possible to experience a natural way of hearing sound. But using a canal type earphone driver unit - which assumes the sealing of the audio canal – without silicon ear pieces makes for sound that does not bear listening to. To eliminate the silicon ear pieces, it was necessary to develop a variety of technologies, including a large aperture driver unit.
Large aperture 16mmΦ dynamic driver unit developed by our company
To obtain high-quality sound reproduction even after eliminating silicon ear pieces, we developed a large aperture driver unit in-house. The diaphragm surface of this unit is three times the size of that of regular 8mmΦ earphones. We also paid close attention to the materials used with the diaphragm and to its shape.

It is becoming more and more common these days for earphone manufacturers to purchase driver units from outside sources; our strength lies in our product development, where we conduct everything, from driver unit development right through to manufacturing, in-house.

With the Piano Forte series, we conduct detailed tuning and screening of products, and this distinguishes our driver units from similar units.

Further, a pressure ring utilizing final's own unique technology is employed. This has been designed in a way that an appropriate amount of pressure is applied to the diaphragm through a combination of an air pressure regulating port and the front surface of the diaphragm being covered with a metal plate. This design is based on the know-how we have gained from our years of dealing with horn speakers.

You'll be surprised at the newly experienced reality elicited even from songs you are used to listening to.
Air pressure regulating port
When the housing is sealed, there is a discrepancy in the pressure at the front and back of the diaphragm, and distortion occurs. The air pressure regulating port works to optimize this pressure difference.
Highly rigid machined stainless steel housing
Stainless steel has a relatively high degree of rigidity and is a difficult material to work.
With Piano Forte IX, we deliver a fast approach through the rigidity and weight of stainless steel. As its stainless steel mirror finish suggests, this product faithfully reproduces source sound.
The housing, with its beautiful, spaceship-like silhouette, combines inner airflow with fit. The protrusion in the center fits into the ear well, and a stable fit is achieved.
A special damping alloy coats the housing
A special super fine manganese metal powder is used for the damping of the chromium copper housing; damping is achieved without the use of soft materials. The inside of the housing is coated in natural resin.
Damping the sound without adding dullness to it brings out the harmonious nature of the chromium
copper housing.
Product code
Stainless steel
16mmΦ dynamic
Cord length
Brass carry case
How to wear the earphones
Please check the L (left) and R (right) indicators at the back of the left and right housings. Holding the product, fit into the ears using a slight twisting motion. While playing music, move each ear phone around until you find the position with the balance that suits you best.

* The L (left) bush has a left and right identification groove, so that it is possible to distinguish between left and right in the dark by feel.
* The design of the Piano Forte series means that sound quality changes greatly depending on the positioning of the product in the user's ears.
* It is usual that a person's ears differ from left to right in terms of shape. As such, the optimum positioning of the product differs from left to right.
* In many cases, it is possible to recreate the optimum positioning of the product in the ears once
it is remembered.
Sound quality reviews
Clear sound that seems as though you are listening to the performance from a seating position at the front of the concert venue with the orchestra right in front of you. Compared to Piano Forte X and Piano Forte VIII, there is less resonance; compared to Piano Forte IX-T, there is a slight increase in resonance, and the seating position moves to the rear. With the reproduction of live sound sources created by acoustic instruments, it is possible to enjoy the resonance right down to the lingering end notes clearly.
User reviews
I experienced a sound spread unbelievable from earphones.
I didn't have an image of a dynamic type as being capable of emitting clear sound, but this Piano Forte IX was extremely clear.
(male, 40-49 years)
I think that an evaluation of these earphones is different with songs that they are suited to and those that they aren't.
The bottom of the band frequency is firmly subducted and there is a comfortable amount of volume with no unusually added bass tones. I'd really like it if there was a little more reach to the upper band, but of the bandwidth there is, the reach is smooth and the sound emitted is full of a sense of the sound field; they have a completely different sort of sound to that of other earphones.
They look beautiful and they're fun to display; the case has a luxurious feel to it and they imbue you with the joy they possess!
For those tired of the ordinary, for those who want a taste of something different – these are for you.
(male, -)