App「My final」

Regarding serial number registration and the official “My final” app

We apologize that the English version of the official “My final” app is still under construction. Furthermore, our company will gradually roll out traceability management by providing a unique serial number (QR code) for each of our products. Moving forward, a serial number (QR code) will be affixed to product packaging containing final earphones, headphones and cable accessories.

A product registration system by which QR codes are loaded into the My final app is currently under construction, and further information will be posted on this page and the news page once preparations have been completed. We kindly ask that customers carefully retain all packaging onto which a QR code has been affixed and register the serial numbers once the registration system comes online. Each package bears a unique serial number that will be identified separately in order to allow us to provide highly customized services to each registered user in the future.

Sequential serial numbers (QR codes) will be assigned starting with the following products:
・EVA2020 × final truly wireless earphones
・EVA2020 × final 3D audio earphones
・C093 Silver coated cable for headphones
・C106 Silver coated cable for earphones
・D8000 Pro Edition
・C099 Black cable for D8000
・VR3000 for Gaming

*The serial number (QR code) is affixed to the back of the product packaging. Please refer to the area within the circle on the diagram.
*A product registration system for customers who purchased products with no QR code affixed to the packaging is also currently under construction.

Image of back of packaging