D series

A new series of products that employs original technology
that could be considered a reinvention of planar magnetic models
- AFDS (Air Film Damping System)
With AFDS (Air Film Damping System), the planar magnetic model was reinvented.
Leaving the merits of the planar magnetic model - a lightweight vibration system
and superior reproduction of high frequencies - as is, the employment of AFDS expands
the reproduction frequency band with a bass bias, and makes the use of
breatheable earpads possible. Compared to the conventional planar magnetic model,
with which tightly sealed earpads had to be used to suplement bass frequencies, the natural,
open sound achieved is of a quality worthy of being termed a reinvention.

Product Comparison

Product Name
Housing Aluminum magnesium alloy Aluminum magnesium alloy
Driver AFDS Planer Magnetic AFDS Planer Magnetic
Cable OFC cable OFC black cable 1.5m, 3.5mmφ plug / OFC silver coated cable 3m, 6.3mmφ plug
Sensitivity 98dB/mW 98dB/mW
Impedance 60Ω 60Ω
Weight 523g 523g
Cord length 1.5m/3m 1.5m/3m
Sound quality Overwhelmingly real sound not experienced until now All of the sound elements of which music is comprised can be heard with unparalled clarity.


We reinvented the planar magnetic model driver with AFDS (Air Film Damping System)

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