ZE8000 MK2

Experience the evolution of 「8K SOUND」
meticulously reproducing music with unparalleled precision.
Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds that immerse you in the orchestra.
ZE8000 MK2 further enhances the 「8K SOUND」 introduced by final for the first time as the initial model, which is an audio design capable of analyzing sound elements with extremely fine physical characteristics. Even tiny audio details can now be distinctly felt through the 8K SOUND. Simultaneously, through dual optimization of hardware and software, using "SN ratio" as a measure of the signal-to-noise ratio, the quality of song audio becomes clearer, and irrelevant noise is reduced, highlighting the details and subtle differences in musicality. The refined listening experience presented by ZE8000 MK2 allows you to be more immersed in it.

Most headphone designs on the market adjust sound for specific frequencies, which may result in the inability to authentically reproduce sources of music composed of instruments with different timbres, posing a significant challenge as it might affect the interpretation of music by composers and performers.
ZE8000 MK2, through the extremely balanced 8K SOUND audio quality characteristics, can authentically reproduce the unique timbre of each instrument without compromising the presentation of various instruments playing simultaneously. When you close your eyes, you can experience the immersive feeling that you can hear the orchestra spreading on the stage of the concert hall.
While we used the symphony orchestra as an example, this ability to authentically and clearly reproduce the balanced characteristics between numerous instruments is equally applicable to different music genres, including jazz, rock, pop, etc., allowing each instrument and voice to present the most authentic timbre.

Compared to the original ZE8000, the newly launched ZE8000 MK2 offers several improvements:
Optimized internal structure: By improving the internal structure, noise reduction performance has been increased by 32%. At the same time, it has higher noise reduction capabilities for sounds generated by wind. Addition of "Shield Fin" design: The new earplug design helps improve sound insulation performance. Next, improvement in active noise canceling algorithm: The active noise canceling algorithm has been optimized to provide better noise control. Increased maximum volume: The maximum volume has been increased by 5dB, making it easier for you to adjust to your preferred volume.
Brand New Musical Experience "8K SOUND"
In visual technology, the 8K UHD (Ultra-High Definition) standard utilizes 16× more pixels than the general standard to deliver 16× more information and allow smoother color gradient between pixels, resulting in crisper imaging, more natural color toning and smoother motion presentation.

Meanwhile, in audio technology, delivering all the information residing inside a musical piece with utmost accuracy has always been a great challenge. Due to the physical limitations of the equipment used, a lot of this information was left out. Methods used to address this problem vary from employing hardware of different shape, size and material to performing sound tuning focused to a particular frequency range, with all of these methods aiming to improve the overall clarity.

The 8K SOUND technology that has newly been developed by final offers an innovative breakthrough. Instead of focusing only on fine-tuning of particular frequencies, the time element of every single bit of sound is also carefully calibrated with digital signal processing. In doing so, all information residing inside a musical piece is distinctly revealed in its best quality and aesthetics. Overall, 8K SOUND delivers an exquisite sound experience at a level of distinction, detail, separation and speed that has never been accomplished before.

ZE8000 MK2 has been upgraded in various aspects, including the internal structure of the earbuds, digital signal processing, and ear tips. Compared to the ZE8000, it can now rapidly sense the musical experience presented by 8K SOUND.

【 Image illustration 】Left: Conventional visuals, Right: 8K visuals
Immerse Yourself in Symphony with 「8K SOUND」
In conventional earphones, there is often a sound quality design that emphasizes specific frequencies in amplitude frequency characteristics, making it challenging to listen to music recorded with a large number of instruments that have different tones, such as an orchestra. For example, there were challenges in reproducing the intended balance between instruments by composers and performers, where the trumpet might sound too emphasized and loud, while the oboe might sound a bit blurry and soft.

With ZE8000 MK2, thanks to the extremely flat sound characteristics of 8K SOUND, it faithfully reproduces the balance between each instrument in an orchestra without compromising the unique tone of each instrument. Furthermore, it has become easier to consciously pick up and listen to the sound of a particular instrument in the orchestra. When you close your eyes, you can experience an immersive feeling, as if the orchestra is spreading out on the stage of a concert hall.

For those accustomed to listening to music with earphones, there is often a tendency to naturally seek emphasized sounds, and it may take some time to adapt to actively listening. ZE8000 MK2 is designed to shorten the adaptation time to this listening style.
Pressure-Free High-Quality Active Noise Cancellation Technology
Conventional active noise cancellation (ANC) systems often have the drawback of affecting audio quality, such as the suppression of low frequencies. Additionally, if the ANC effect is increased, it may lead to tension in the eardrum or pressure on the head, sometimes even causing dizziness.

ZE8000 employs a uniquely developed algorithm, achieving high audio quality and a comfortable experience without a sense of pressure. In the improved internal structure, earplug design, and noise cancellation algorithm of the new ZE8000 MK2, the noise reduction performance has increased by 32% compared to the original ZE8000. This means it can provide better noise reduction without compromising audio quality and user comfort.

< No Noise Cancellation >
External noise will simultaneously enter the ear canal, affecting the listening experience.
< Typical Noise Cancellation >
While reducing external noise, it also creates a sense of pressure and has an impact on the audio source.
Thanks to its unique algorithm, ZE8000's noise canceling inherently avoids impacting the music signal and provides a sensation-free experience without a sense of pressure.
4 Modes for Convenience of Use
In addition to the standard 「Active Noise Canceling Mode」,「Wind-Cut Mode」, 「Ambient Sound Mode」and「Voice Through Mode」, users have the option to select 「 Noise Control OFF」. Thanks to improved sound isolation in the earbuds, the ZE8000 MK2 introduces the new 「 Noise Control OFF」mode.

Active Noise Canceling Mode - Eliminates ambient noise and allows the user to concentrate onto the music.

Ambient Sound Mode - Seamlessly blends music and ambient sound, allowing users to be aware of their surroundings while listening to music.

Voice Through Mode - Ambient sound is prioritized over music, allowing for clear conversations without removing the earphones from the ears.

Wind-Cut Mode - Significantly eliminates wind noise captured by the microphones when there is a lot of ambient air movement.

Noise Control OFF: Deactivates the noise control function.

* A software update through the dedicated "final CONNECT" app is required for use.
Separate Design for Comfortable Fit
The comfort of wearing earbuds is determined by the size and fit of the portion inserted into the ear. Generally, in TWS earbuds, the internal housing of batteries and circuit boards often leads to an increase in the overall size of the device. Wearing such earbuds can create internal pressure on the ears, resulting in accumulated fatigue. To minimize the portion inserted into the ear and enhance comfort, the ZE8000 MK2 adopts a separate design by isolating the circuit board and battery from the wearing section.
Newly Designed Ear tips with "Shield Fin" Mechanism for ZE8000 MK2
The exclusive ear tips for the ZE8000 MK2 feature a design where every part that touches the ear is covered with silicone. This not only provides a gentle and secure fit but also prevents them from slipping off. Additionally, the new "Shield Fin" mechanism has been introduced in two locations, enhancing both noise isolation and wearability compared to the initial model. The ear tips come with five sizes (SS/S/M/L/LL) included to ensure the optimal fit.
Volume Step Optimizer
Volume is one of the most important factors affecting music listening experience. Due to the short distance between the eardrum and earphones, the latter are more sensitive to volume changes than speakers or headphones.Unlike dedicated hi-fi devices though, smartphones often vary greatly each time the volume is turned up or down, making it difficult to set the volume precisely to one's liking.Volume Step Optimizer is an innovative feature designed for ZE8000 to solve this problem. Starting from the regular listening volume level set by the user (reference volume), Volume Step Optimizer transforms the smartphone’s standard volume control to a finer volume adjustment tool offering higher precision around the reference volume. This allows users to easily pinpoint volume level with the volume control control on their smartphone.
Additionally, with an overall redesign in the ZE8000 MK2, the maximum volume has been increased by 5dB, enhancing the ease of listening at preferred volumes.
8K SOUND Dedicated Digital Signal Processing
Meanwhile, in audio technology, delivering all the information residing inside a musical piece with utmost accuracy has always been a great challenge. Due to the physical limitations of the equipment used, a lot of this information was left out. Methods used to address this problem vary from employing hardware of different shape, size and material to performing sound tuning focused to a particular frequency range, with all of these methods aiming to improve the overall clarity. In the ZE8000 MK2, compared to the initial model, the digital signal processing has been refined, allowing for a clearer perception of 8K SOUND even in finer details.
Charging case, ZE8000 MK2 exclusive ear tips (SS/S/M/L/LL sizes), USB Type-C charging cable, acoustic fixture, dust filter
*Use only the included cable when charging the case.
How to wear the earphones
Check the left and right sides by looking at the L (left) and R (right) markings on the back of the case. Hold the device, rotate it slightly to align the ear tip with the ear hole, and gently press the ear tip into place. If you feel that the volume is not loud enough, that the low frequency range is insufficient, or that there is a large sound leakage, the ear tips is not sealed tightly enough. Since these earphones are not designed to be inserted deeply into the ear canal, but rather to gently seal the entrance of the ear canal, we recommend that you try the various sizes of ear tips included in the package without being too concerned about your ear shape or the size of your ear canal. Also, since the shape of the ear differs considerably from left to right, the size and optimal position of the ear tips often differ between the left and right ear. Since the sound quality varies greatly depending on the position of the ear tip, please move the device three-dimensionally on one side at a time while playing music to match the most favorable listening position. Once you have experienced the best size and position, you will be able to wear them smoothly.

Furthermore, ZE8000 MK2 is designed with a high level of sealing during wearing, so please detach and attach the earphones slowly and carefully.

Note: Ear tips have different shapes for L (Left) and R (Right). When exchanging sizes, check the markings inside the ear tip for L (Left) and R (Right).
Noise Suppressing System with AB Class Amplifier & PML CAP
To complement the ultra-low distortion driver "f-CORE for 8K SOUND" and the digital signal processing dedicated to ZE8000, high-quality electronic hardware components are used to minimize both distortion and noise in the musical signal generation circuitry.ZE8000 uses a Class-AB amplifier, which is known for its excellent balance between sound quality and power efficiency, rather than the power-efficient Class-D amplifier used by many TWS systems. Class-AB amplifiers contribute to more faithful music reproduction because of their lower distortion.The decoupling capacitors of the microchip for digital signal processing are high-performance, low-distortion PML CAPs (Polymer Multilayer Capacitors) designed by the renowned Japanese manufacturer Rubycon. By using the latest manufacturing technology, PML CAP has achieved significantly lower distortion than a typical MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor). This makes the output of digital signal processing, which is essential for 8K SOUND, cleaner and more accurate.
aptX Adaptive™ & Snapdragon Sound™ Compatible
In addition to SBC and AAC codecs, ZE8000 supports the uninterrupted, high-quality Qualcomm® aptX™ and aptX™ Adaptive codecs for wireless transmission up to 24bit/96Hz.Users of Snapdragon Sound™ enabled devices can now upgrade their wireless connectivity even further with Snapdragon Sound™ technology, designed to give listeners the best possible audio experience for gaming, music streaming, voice and video calls and more. Snapdragon Sound™ is designed to deliver lossless music and ensure industry-leading low-latency connections.Snapdragon Sound™ is optimized to work with a variety of devices and is designed to provide a robust connection with minimal dropouts and audio glitching, even in environments where users may experience interference from many other devices, such as at home, at work or on the road.
Beamforming for Crystal Clear Call
Final's proprietary beamforming algorithm has been introduced to improve phone call quality of ZE8000 MK2. Two high-performance microphones are placed at the top and bottom of ZE8000 MK2 at calculated distances between them.
During a phone call, the two microphones simultaneously capture the user's voice and ambient sound, and their signals are spontaneously calculated by the beamforming algorithm. ZE8000 MK2 effectively extracts only the user's voice, by calculating the time difference between the sound picked up by both microphones, resulting in a clear call.
IPX4 Water Proof
Waterproof IPX4 for daily use, even in sudden changes in weather conditions. Comfortable use for rainy days or during sports without stress.
Dedicated Mobile Application
By installing the dedicated mobile application "final CONNECT" on a device paired with ZE8000 MK2, the following functions, unique to ZE8000 MK2, are opened in addition to basic functions, such as checking the battery level of the earbuds.

・Switch between 4 modes: Noise Canceling, Voice Through, Ambient Sound and Wind-Cut.
・PRO Equalizer allows users to make adjustments onto sound presentation in the most effective way, without causing degradation of sound quality.
・Setting up the Volume Step Optimizer to upgrade the smartphone's volume control, allowing for finer volume adjustment near the preferred volume with greater precision.
・Switching the voice guidance language (Japanese/English)
・Activating 8K SOUND+
・Switch to touch operation disabled mode.
・Configure/switch Multi-Point settings.
User’s manual
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