FI-BA-SS Series

This flagship model with its balanced armature driver pursues ideal sound, eliminating compromise.
Through final's own unique technology that optimizes airflow in the housing, rich, three-dimensional spatially expressed sound previously deemed difficult
with a balanced armature driver until now is reproduced. Employs a theoretically feasible single driver and a networkless direct connection circuit.
Eliminating compromise in the pursuit of ideal sound, this series is handcrafted by Japanese engineers. The balanced armature flagship model.

Product Comparison

Product Name FI-BA-SST FI-BA-SS
Housing Machined stainless steel Machined stainless steel
Driver Balanced armature Balanced armature
Cable Silver-coated OFC cable (2.5mm, 4-pole / 3.5mm, 3-pole) OFC litz cable (3.5mm, 3-pole)
Sensitivity 112dB 112dB
Impedance 16Ω 16Ω
Weight 20g 20g
Cord length 1.2m 1.4m
Sound quality Subtlety is maintained; delivers soft high frequencies full of beautifully lingering sound. Deep, three-dimensional spatial representation. The precision of each and every sound and the beauty of the lingering sound


Employs a silver-coated OFC cable.
Delivers subtle, soft lingering sound field representation.


Eliminating compromise in the pursuit of ideal sound,
this product is handcrafted by Japanese engineers.