Heaven V

Natural vocal reproduction that combines warmth and clarity. Realistically reproduces the atmosphere of live music through wide, deep spatial representation.
With the new Heaven VI type BAM, natural vocal reproduction that combines warmth and clarity is achieved. Brass is employed for the housing. Heaven V has a wide, deep sound field and reproduces the atmosphere of live music vividly.
BAM mechanism produces bass sounds and stereo spatial interpretations
With balanced armature driver units, iron is driven to produce sound, and as such, these drivers face a number of problems, amongst which are "proving tiring to listen to", "having sound that is subtle and beautiful, but lacking in depth and being flat" and "lacking bass interval". At final, we decided to focus on developing technology for the reproduction of bass tones and three-dimensional space with the full-range reproduction of a theoretically unproblematic single driver unit, rather than taking things in a multiway direction. We went back to the beginning and reviewed the performance of the balanced armature driver, focusing our attention on something we had previously overlooked ? airflow inside the housing. We developed BAM (Balancing Air Movement), a mechanism that optimizes airflow inside the housing through the creation of an aperture in the driver unit, which is usually sealed.

While achieving bass tones and deep, three-dimensional spatial representation, which proved difficult with single driver full-range reproduction, we achieved a BA type that at the same time made for natural listening the user doesn't tire of.
An original balanced armature driver unit with an aperture that is optimized for the BAM mechanism.
Using BAM, which optimizes airflow in the housing, this driver unit has been developed to our own specifications and has an aperture arranged on the back of the driver unit, which is usually sealed.
A highly rigid brass housing machined with the utmost precision in line with BAM evolution
Based on the experiences obtained through the development of Heaven Vi, which delivers perfectly natural vocals, Heaven V was born. The naturalness of peoples voices and vocals, the easiest for the human ear to reconcile between good and bad, is overwhelming. The brass housing has a black chrome plated finish. The black chrome plating lends a good sense of control, and an exquisite naturalness is achieved. Clearly different to previous balanced armature types, you can feel a spatial spread never before experienced with earphones.
Original ear pieces available in five sizes
Three types of ear pieces come with the product. The new E type employs two types of silicon differing in hardness for the sound conduit section and the section that comes into contact with the user's ear. Compared to the section that comes into contact with the user's ear, the sound conduit section utilizes a harder silicon with grooves in it, so as to combine strength with flexibility. Can be fitted into the user's ear while maintaining its round shape. For the section that comes into contact with the user's ear, soft silicon has been employed, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation. Joining the E type and the five sizes it comes in ? SS/S/M/L/LL ? are the A type and the B type, which differ in terms of how airtight they are and in terms of bass reproduction (come in three sizes). Please choose the size and type that is right for you.
An original cable that suppresses touch noise
Compared to previous cables, this is more flexible. An original, flexible cable that suppresses touch noise.
BAM aperture that reduces sound leakage and dispenses with the need for an aperture on the back face.
BAM aperture that reduces sound leakage and dispenses with the need for an aperture on the back face.
Product code
Machined brass with a black chrome finish
Balanced armature
Cord length
Steel carry case, Silicon ear pieces (E type 5 sizes, A and B types 3 sizes each)
How to wear the earphones
Please check the L (left) and R (right) indicators at the back of the left and right housings. Holding the product, fit into the ears using a slight twisting motion. Since sound quality differs greatly according to the positioning of the ear piece, move each ear phone around while playing music until you find the position with the balance that suits you best. Once you have experienced this position, it will be easier to find subsequently.

* The L (left) bush has a left and right identification protuberance, so that it is possible to distinguish between left and right in the dark by feel.
* It is usual that a person's ears differ in shape from left to right. As such, the optimum positioning of the product differs from left to right.
Sound quality reviews
Overall lively low frequencies with tension and depth are characteristic of these earphones. High frequencies combine a balance of brightness and ease of listening. Since they are extremely well-suited to crisp guitar sounds, we encourage you to try listening to the music of your favorite bands with this product.
User reviews
I was looking for a single BA model around ¥30,000, and compared products at both retail and specialty stores; the final Heaven series has bass and their balance, sense of realism and width was great, so I decided on the Heaven series.
I particularly liked Heaven VI, but owing to budgetary constraints, I reluctantly had to give up on them. I was torn between Heaven V aging and Heaven V, but the sound of Heaven V appeared sharper and I felt that it suited me better, and that and the fact that they had it in stock at the outlet had me decide on V.
When I got them and I listened with them in a quiet environment, there was more of a sense of realism then there was when I listened at the store; vocals sounded beautiful and I was glad once again that I had bought them.
I had an image of the cable being heavy and stiff, but the section above the fork is softer than I thought it would be and not really that heavy, and it doesn't seem like they're going to fall out of my ears. However, the cable is a little long for me, so I want to wind it up together, but the section of the cable below the fork is a bit stiff and flat, and it's hard to wind it up neatly, plus when I use them when walking, there's a bit of touch noise.
But that's not really that big a deal, and cost performance is fantastic. I give these 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction.
(male, -)
The other day, I enquired about vocals. I was recommended Heaven VI, and I trialed them at e-earphone and at Yodobashi, and purchased V. This is my report.
I was very torn, but I felt that if I bought VI, I'd be stumped later, so I took that into account. This time, I chose V; I'm saving VI for the next stage.
V floods a space with mellow sound, and the singer and the musical space appear to be in sync. VI are substantial and give you an elegant lucidness. Common to both V and VI is the beauty of the lingering notes that hang in the air as they disappear.
I use a highway express bus to travel to the school in Tokyo that I work at. The ride is long, and I enjoy listening to music on my ride. In particular, I listen to baroque, Bach (cantata etc), and before that ancient unaccompanied instrumental music from up until the beginning of the 17th century (violin, cello, recorder), vocal music, Japanese emotive songs (Chieko Baisho, Yumiko Samejima), rakugo (Shincho) and literary works read aloud (Japanese, German).
At home, I listen to them on an English CD player with a 50 year old German Siemens speaker, a tube amp and Ortofon spu cartridge.
The sound from V and VI seems connected at a fundamental level to the timbre that these emit. They're in a different dimension to earphones that I have used previously. They are manifestly musikalisch. I was surprised.
Added to this, left and right can clearly be distinguished by shape; this is associated with ergonomics, and is an outstanding design with no stress when inserting them into your ears.
(male, 60-69 years)
User’s manual
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