Piano Forte Series

Dynamic driver earphones that value acoustic resonance.
An open / canal type hybrid with a unique open form that doesn’t use an earpiece;
employs horn speaker principles. The forte of this series lies in its reproduction
of the factors necessary for live music reproduction – a sense of openness and
spatial representation; it is a series that, once drawn to, you will not want to give up.
Piano Forte X- has a chromium copper housing that subtly expresses lingering notes
as they fade away. Piano Forte IX – has a stainless steel housing with clear sound quality.
Piano Forte VIII – has a brass housing and the bright resonance of brass musical instruments.
And Piano Forte II – the entry model instilled with the design philosophy of
high-end equipment. Each of these models has its own unique appeal.

The Piano Forte X-VIII T series employs a silver-coated cable from Junkosha.
Changes have also been made to the internal specifications; the vast sound stage
of the original model remains as is, and a high level of sound articulation is achieved.

The series name – Piano Forte – is imbued with the desire to value acoustic resonance.

Product Comparison

Product Name
Housing chromium copper stainless steel brass Chromium copper Stainless steel Brass ABS
Driver 16mmΦ dynamic 16mmΦ dynamic 16mmΦ dynamic 16mmΦ dynamic 16mmΦ dynamic 16mmΦ dynamic 15.5mmΦ dynamic
Sensitivity 110dB 110dB 110dB 108dB 108dB 108dB 108dB
Impedance 15Ω 15Ω 15Ω 16Ω 16Ω 16Ω 16Ω
Weight 45g 42g 43g 38g 38g 38g 13g
Cord length 1.2m 1.2m 1.2m 1.4m 1.4m 1.4m 1.2m
Sound quality Compared to X, the X-T delicately evokes the subtle musical expression of the performers. Compared to IX, more articulate sound with a sense of realism. Sound with the same gentle resonance as VIII combined with clarity. The atmosphere of a concert venue is realistically expressed. Gentle, clear, articulate sound. Sound with resonance that seems to envelop the listener in gentle sound. Open sound that expresses the spatial spread of live music venues three-dimensionally.

Piano Forte X-T

Three-dimensional reproduction of lingering notes
from the instruments played as they fade away.
The subtle musical expression of the performers is delicately evoked.
Employs a silver-coated cable from Junkosha.

Piano Forte IX-T

Reflects source sound faithfully, conveying a live atmosphere
with overwhelming reality. Employs a silver-coated cable from Junkosha.

Piano Forte VIII-T

The brass housing, used with many instruments, plays vivid,
lively sound. Employs a silver-coated cable from Junkosha.

Piano Forte X

Reproduces lingering instrumental sounds
as they fade away three-dimensionally.
Delivers dense sound teeming with realism.

Piano Forte IX

Faithfully reflects source sounds,
and conveys the atmosphere of
a live concert with overwhelming reality.

Piano Forte VIII

The brass housing, which is used in many musical instruments,
plays bright, flamboyant sound.

Piano Forte II

*Discontinued Product*

Combines the extrusion of ear pieces with a favorable fit.
Delivers sound quality with a sense of openness to it.