Collaboration series

A product series that expresses a world view characteristic of this collaboration.
A series of products that feature a unique world view design through collaborations. Everything from design to sound quality to packaging is authentic and packed with commitment and passion.

Product Comparison

Product Name
Housing Stainless Steel(Mirror Polished/Chinkin with ASANOHA pattern)
Driver Dynamic driver(Truly Pure Beryllium Driver Gen.SK)
Connector MMCX
Cable OSLO Cable Gen.SK
Sensitivity 99dB/mw
Impedance 16Ω
Weight 47g
Cord length 1.2m
Sound quality Producing a naturally beautiful sound. The SHICHIKU.KANGEN is not designed to be overly analytical or overly warm, it’s designed to sound natural. With deep, gentle bass, full mids, and vocals that feel like they're in your presence. Good sound that strikes a balance between high-resolution, clear vocals and powerful bass. For that reason, instruments that had been diligently buried as accompaniment, chorus, etc. suddenly become audible. As you listen to the same tracks of music over again, you become newly able to discern sounds and expressions that you had never noticed before. In animation, various techniques are used for recording sound, such as changing voice quality in order to express characters’ emotions and changing the distance between the performer and the microphone to express the positional relationship between characters. Because these types of changes in voice quality and distance perception are reproduced by these 3D audio earphones as intended by the performers and producers, one can experience a bodily sensation of immersion as if the listener were part of the story.


A limited edition premium collaboration earphone jointly developed with
Singapore’s high-end personal audio brand, DITA Audio.

EVA2020 x final Truly wireless earphones

[Evangelion] and final collaboration earphones.
In addition to the original design of the earphone chassis and case in the motif of
each Evangelion model, original voice guidance, packaging design, etc.
make it possible to feel the Evangelion world view at
every turn with these truly wireless earphones.

final 3D audio earphones

[Evangelion] and final collaboration earphones.
Original design created in the motif of an umbilical cable.
The balance of all sound recorded for the story is
reproduced in line with the producer’s intentions as
3D sound that imparts a feeling of immersion as
if the listener were part of the story.