Accessories that are not just add-ons, but are crafted as "products" in their own right.
We design and develop our accessories in the same way we do our earphones and headphones – as important products.
To enable the user to enjoy our earphones and headphones even more, we have developed
these products with the same passion we have for sound creation.

final LIFE STYLE series

The attention to detail regarding materials stays the same, while the functionality necessary for safely storing and carrying around the earphones, combined with aesthetic beauty, is achieved.

Carry case for earphones

A carry case that takes into consideration both protection of the earphones
themselves from scratches or other damage and the prevention of wire breakage.


When talking about how airtight a product is, there is a close relationship
between the feel of bass tones and sound insulation.
It is possible to change the bass volume and sound insulation considerably
depending on your choice of earpiece.

Ear hook

We’ve paid attention to how the ear hook feels when worn by the user.
Metal and plastic wires have not been used, while a size and shape to
fit the ears of as many users as possible has been achieved.

Earphone cable

Employs an MMCX connector.
An original high-purity silver-coated OFC cable
that accords width to the sound field.

Headphone cable

Cables developed for D series and SONOROUS series.

Ear pads

Ear pads developed for the SONOROUS series.
The user can enjoy changes in sound quality
with the different types.

Headphone stand

Headphone stand for D8000