E series

Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic
engineering and psychological research results.

F Series

This series satisfies all of the elements demanded of sound quality
and usability to a high degree, and is one we have every confidence in.


Headphones that reproduce the realism
of vocals and instruments reverberating in a space.

Heaven Series

Earphones that aim for the creation
of music that gives you a high when you listen to it.

FI-BA-SS Series

This flagship model with its balanced armature driver
pursues ideal sound, eliminating compromise.

LAB Series

A series that has "creating something
never seen before" as its concept.

Piano Forte Series

Dynamic driver earphones that value acoustic resonance.

Adagio Series

Dynamic headphones for enjoying music in a relaxed manner.


Accessories that are not just add-ons, but are crafted
as "products" in their own right.