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  • Announcing new lineup of truly wireless earbuds - ZE3000

Announcing new lineup of truly wireless earbuds - ZE3000

A new classic audiophile-grade earbuds designed into wireless with its sound designed based on the latest research results in acoustic engineering and psychoacoustics. Featuring proprietary engineering technology that make every bit of music immensely enjoyable.

Japanese audio brand final announces the release of ZE3000, a audiophile-grade truly wireless earbuds with its sound designed based on the latest research results in acoustic engineering and psychoacoustics. Featuring proprietary engineering technology that make every bit of music immensely enjoyable.

The ZE3000 takes its name from the E3000, the brand's most widely recognized wired earphones, which have sold hundreds of thousands of units since its launch in 2017 and have won an unprecedented ten consecutive gold medals at Japan's largest audio awards, the VGP. At the time of the E3000's launch, most earphones in the same price range were designed to make an impactful impression at first listen, with an ostentatious sound that emphasizes both the low and the high frequencies. In contrast, we've chosen to create a natural sound that does not purposely emphasize any frequencies for the E3000, but to create a sound which is pleasant to be listened to base on scientific knowledge of acoustic engineering and psychoacoustics. It is not designed to bring an impactful surprise at first listen, but it is designed to allow you to concentrate on enjoying your music, and as a result, it's been highly praised by end users, especially on social media, and eventually has become the absolute reference at the segment. When we started to design the ZE3000, without a doubt, we set our goal to surpass the sound quality of the E3000. However, it would be difficult to achieve the same sound quality in truly wireless earbuds as in a wired earphones due to several limitations.

The first challenge is truly wireless earbuds are having batteries, electronic circuit boards and antennas occupying most of the space inside the housing. This means that there is less freedom to create a perfect acoustic chamber to achieve a high-quality sound. In addition, the waterproof feature which is commonly expected is forcing the housing to be completely sealed without a single vent to regulate the air pressure inside the acoustic chamber resulting the low-frequency sound becoming overwhelming and causing the overall clarity to degrade due to the auditory masking effect.  One of the common countermeasures by the other brands is to increase the presence of the high frequencies to regain clarity but this leads to fatigue after a long period of listening. In order to avoid such issue, by fully utilizing the unoccupied acoustic space inside the ZE3000 and our knowledge in fluid mechanic engineering, we introduce a newly developed "f-LINK Damping System" that optimizes the pressure in the acoustic space inside the earbud housing to create a sound equivalent to wired earphones without the need for external vents. This system makes it possible to achieve both waterproof performance and well-controlled sound production in the low-frequency range, making it possible to achieve the iconic natural sound production of E3000 in truly wireless form.

The other problem is distortion*. Today, distortion in superior audio equipment, such as amplifiers and DACs is extremely low which is around 0.0001%. In contrast, even in superior earphones, the distortion generated by the driver unit (speaker part) inside earphones is normally more than 3% in the low-frequency range. In other words, there is over 30,000 times more distortion occurs in the process of converting electrical signals into sound in the driver unit (speaker part) of earphones. If we could reduce this distortion significantly, the sound quality would improve dramatically. That's why we've reviewed every aspect from the manufacturing process in order to realize "f-Core for Wireless", a newly designed driver unit that achieves ultra-low distortion. The result is that all the fine details of each note are revealed and even the decay of reverberation can be heard all the way through to the end, with the breadth of the musical space felt.

The ZE3000's "f-LINK Damping System" realizes a natural sound like wired earphones do, while the newly developed "f-Core for Wireless" driver unit delivers ultra-low distortion, resulting in a sound quality that is unmistakably different from conventional truly wireless earbuds. We want to convey the intentions of artists and creators as they are by creating a clear and natural sound through ultra-low distortion.

In addition, the shape of the housing and the ear tips "TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition", which has been cultivated through the development of in-ear wired earphones to achieve excellent wearing comfort, suppress external noise and achieve excellent noise isolation performance.

It took a long time to develop, but we are confident that we have created a product that we can recommend as the new classic for truly wireless earbuds.

*Distortion: A deformation of the signal waveform. It usually means a non-linear deformation. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), or THD+N, which is the sum of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and other distortions, is used as an indicator of the performance of audio equipment.



・Newly Designed Driver "f-Core for Wireless" to Realize Ultra-Low Distortion
・"f-LINK Damping System" to Optimize Internal Pressure of the Acoustic Chamber
・Compatible with aptX™ Adaptive for High Quality Sound and Low Latency
・Minimal Oppression Design for Custom-Like Fit
・Ear Tips that Realize Ultimate Wearing Comfort
・Convenient Touch Media Control
・IPX4 Water Resistance
・Ideally Shaped Charging Case for Maximum Comfort as a Daily Companion
・2 Color Variations with Premium Shibo finish
・Auto Pairing Function
・Single Ear Mode

Product Name:ZE3000
Communication Format:Bluetooth®5.2
Frequencies Response:20Hz~20KHz
Supported Codecs:SBC、AAC、Qualcomm® aptX™、aptX™ adaptive
Supported Profiles:A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Continuous Music Playback Time:Max 7 Hours / Maximum 35 Hours with case
Battery Capacity:Earbud: 35mAh / Charging Case: 300mAh
Accessories:Charging Case・final "TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition"  SS / S / M / L / LL  5 sizes・USB Type C Charging Cable

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