• Announcing the release of new product D8000, planar magnetic headphones with AFDS

Announcing the release of new product D8000, planar magnetic headphones with AFDS

Japanese audio manufacturer S’NEXT (CEO Mitsuru Hosoo) will release the new product from its in-house brand final – the planar magnetic headphones D8000 – on November 30.

D8000 are planar magnetic headphones that incorporate newly-developed AFDS (Air Film Damping System) technology.

Development began on this project in 2014 under the concept “A product with the kind of overwhelming sound quality understood by everyone”. AFDS was developed on the back of a variety of physical analyses. AFDS is a braking mechanism whereby the diaphragm is sandwiched between perforated metal with extremely precise openings and the friction of the thin layer of air (air film) between the diaphragm and the perforated metal is controlled. Conventional planar magnetic models excel in terms of medium and high frequency sensitivity, but with low frequencies where amplitude increases, the diaphragm comes into contact with the magnets; as a result, there is an insufficiency in terms of bass tone reproduction. With AFDS, this problem is solved, with no impact on high frequency characteristics. We’ve achieved sound quality unheard of until now, quality that has both the sensitive high ranges of planar magnetic models and the volume and open feel bass tones of dynamic models.

With these, you can enjoy a new sound that is a step ahead of other planar magnetic models.

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- Newly-developed AFDS: Air Film Damping System
- Designed with prolonged use and ease of repair in mind
- A machined aluminum magnesium alloy housing
- Manufactured at our own factory, this model espouses precision.
- Two kinds of cable developed for the D8000 are included – a 3.5mm mini plug type (1.5m) and a 6.3mm standard plug type (3m).
-Newly-developed machined aluminum headphone stand in included.


Product code: FI-D8PAL
Housing: aluminum magnesium alloy
Driver: AFDS planar magnetic
Impedance: 60 Ω
Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW
Cable length: 1.5 m, 3 m
Weight: 523g (excl. cable)
Accessories: Detachable cable 1.5m/3m, Headphone stand

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