Adagio V

Delivers sound with a sense of speed to it, with the machined stainless steel housing suppressing unnecessary resonance.
The Adagio series was developed over two years of intensive research. The result is a custom, dynamic 8mm driver unit. This compact driver unit unleashes a powerfully vibrant sound. The stainless steel housing removes unwanted resonances, yielding speedy and accurate delivery of sound.
An 8mm dynamic driver unit with a small aperture that delivers powerful sound.
The development of a small aperture driver unit was an extremely complex undertaking. Being small in size necessitated extreme precision across every aspect. Small aperture driver units are prone to producing dull sound, and tuning is likewise difficult. Two years on from the first prototype we created, we completed a driver unit with the kind of wonderful balance hard to believe with a small aperture and sound quality with
a sense of speed to it. The Adagio V driver unit is an exclusive model that has been tuned in conjunction with a stainless steel housing.
A housing form that optimizes airflow inside the housing
With a housing design that optimizes the airflow within the housing, deep, three-dimensional spatial representation is obtained.
Highly rigid stainless steel housing that suppresses unnecessary resonance
The housing is made of machined stainless steel. Suppressing unnecessary resonance facilitates a music experience teeming with a sense of speed.
Original ear pieces that come in 5 sizes
Two types of ear pieces are included with this product. The new E type employs two types of silicon differing in hardness for the sound conduit section and the section that comes into contact with the user's ear.
Compared to the section that comes into contact with the user's ear, the sound conduit section utilizes a harder silicon with grooves in it, so as to combine strength with flexibility. Can be fitted into the user's ear while maintaining its round shape. For the section that comes into contact with the user's ear, soft silicon has been employed, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation.
Joining the E type and the five sizes it comes in – SS/S/M/L/LL – is the A type, which differs in terms of how airtight it is and in terms of bass reproduction (comes in three sizes). Please choose the size and type that is right for you.
An original flexible cable that suppresses touch noise
The ear pieces for the Adagio series are a new design. They have an even higher degree of sound insulation. However, heightening sound insulation properties means that touch noise from the cable becomes more noticeable. The material used for the wires, along with that used for the cable covering, have also been newly designed for the Adagio series. We've created a flexible cable that does not easily transmit touch noise.
Machined stainless steel
8mmΦ dynamic
Steel carry case, Silicon ear piece (E type 5 sizes, A type 3 sizes)
Identify the left and right housings using the L and R indicators inside the housings. Holding the product, insert them straight into the ear, searching for a stable position. Once you find such a position, play music so as to check the feel of the bass tones. Should there be insufficient bass, the fit of the audio canal with the ear pieces is not correct. In that case, either check again for a stable position or try another sized ear piece. Should the size of the ear pad be correct but the fit not quite right, washing the ear pad in water is effective.

* Adagio utilizes highly airtight ear pieces. When putting the earphones into the audio canal and when removing them, please do so gently. Failure to do so may result in strain on the wearer,
such as to the eardrum.
* It is usual that a person's ears differ from left to right in terms of shape. As such, the optimum positioning of the product differs from left to right.
Bright high frequencies and natural low frequencies that steadily decline are characteristic of this sound, which teems with a sense of speed. A natural sound field and the sharpness of the outline beautifully transmits the tension of stringed instruments such as violins. The feel of speed imbued in intense music such as heavy metal can also be firmly expressed. We encourage you to take note of the timbre of violin sounds.
The housing is made of stainless steel and has a luxurious feel to it; it's very stylish.
The way the cable emerges is distinct, but it doesn't feel inconvenient to use.
For me, when fitting this product, I pulled my earlobes back as I was inserting them into my ears and this made for a good fit; the fit was so stable that they didn't fall out even when I shook my head.
I think the sound insulation properties are the same if not better than regular canal types.
With sound leakage, it does occur if the sound is earsplitting, but there's no problem with a regular volume.
The sound field is narrow but three-dimensional.
Going a bit overboard, it feels as though you can hear sound not only from the left and right, but also from top to bottom. I'd say that the sound leans towards the high frequencies, but bass tones are also firm and even really low tones come out well, so they have a sense of presence.
High frequencies have a good reach, so they are well-suited to female vocals.
Basically they emit sharp sound; personally, I think that they're good for listening to songs with a sense of speed to them.
Different to BA type earphones, these don't have any unusually emphasized range, so they are soothing (LOL).
But they have the right amount of provocativeness to them so you don't get tired of listening with them, and so I really like them.
The price is reasonable and I'd recommend them for people who are not fond of earphones with too much bass or for people who are changing over from BA type earphones.
(male, 20-29 years)
Generally speaking, they have beautiful sound. With female vocals in particular, the sound is completely different to that of earphones I have used before; it's crystal clear and enjoyable to listen to. Having said that, bass tones are also there, and I think they suit all music genre.
(At the moment, I don't use any other earphones than Adagio V).
(male, 40-49 years)
These are really good earphones.
Despite the price being only around 10,000 yen, they fully draw out the points that BA drivers have in their favor – a feeling of reverberation and thick bass tones.
My impression of this model with regards to sound is that it leans a little towards bass tones with a good balance from top to bottom.
I think this model would do well with all music genre.
However, I felt that they weren't suited to music such as trance music, where there's a great need for crispness with regard to sound. On the other hand, classical music and jazz had warmth and made a favorable impression.
Rock was unexpectedly good.
With regard to the design, with its machined stainless steel, I think it looks good, feels good and is very durable.
If I were to note a flaw, or something that I would like with it, then I would like a model that could be re-cabled.
At any rate, this product has great cost performance. A friend of mine recommended a number of models from other companies in the same price range, but I bought these without hesitation.
As the entry model to luxury earphones, or as a sub model for those crazy about audio products, I think it is well worth it to buy these.
For those who have never tried these, I recommend that you do.
(male, 10-19 years)