Excels in terms of high frequency harmonic overtone reproduction.
Sur le modèle pionnier SONOROUS X, le pilote est monté directement dans la face avant du baffle. Des résonances sont ainsi supprimées et une qualité sonore nette est obtenue. Ce modèle dispose de la même technologie des pilotes que le modèle SONOROUS X. Il se distingue par la création d’harmoniques haute fréquence avec un son à haute résolution.
Café du GeeK
Le Café du GeeK Award
2017, France
Café du GeeK
Le Café du GeeK Award
2017, France
Ear pads with an internal sound absorption section that contribute to clear sound quality
The ear pads play an important part in sound quality. When there is a space between the ear pad and the ear, low frequency acoustic pressure changes greatly, and this greatly influences sound quality. So as to achieve a superior fit where it is hard to create a space, we've employed synthetic leather, which has an equal amount of flexibility both horizontally and vertically, and have chosen a sponge with just the right amount of flexibility. Establishing apertures on the inside and the outside of the ear pads makes for clear sound quality
with sealed headphones.
BAM mechanism that realizes bass tones and deep three-dimensional space reproduction
A BAM (Balancing Air Movement) mechanism developed for balanced armature drivers has been employed with a dynamic driver. With BAM, the idea is to optimize the pressure balance between the front and back of the diaphragm. With SONOROUS II, we've applied even more precise tuning based on knowledge obtained through the development of SONOROUS VIII and SONOROUS X.

* What is a BAM mechanism?
At final, we decided to focus on developing technology for the reproduction of bass tones and three-dimensional space with the full-range reproduction of a theoretically unproblematic single driver unit, rather than taking things in a multiway direction. We went back to the beginning and reviewed the performance of the balanced armature driver, focusing our attention on something we had previously overlooked ? airflow inside the housing. We developed BAM (Balancing Air Movement), a mechanism that optimizes airflow inside the housing through the creation of an aperture in the driver unit, which is usually sealed. While achieving bass tones and deep, three-dimensional spatial representation, which proved difficult with single driver full-range reproduction, we achieved a BA type that at the same time made for natural listening the user doesn't tire of.
Rigid ABS housing with a rough coating
To achieve a high level of precision with the hard ABS housing, simulations were carried out until the appropriate level of fluidity with respect to the molding material was achieved. A textured finish that is also used with high-grade camera lenses is applied, and unnecessary vibrations are suppressed.
Titanium diaphragm driver unit is integrated into the front plate
With SONOROUS X, the flagship model of the SONOROUS series, we integrated the driver unit with the front plate, and this suppresses resonance as well as realizing clear sound quality. The housing employs hard resin comprised of hard polycarbonate strengthened with 30% glass added to it. Resonance is suppressed and clear sound quality is achieved. Titanium has been employed for the diaphragm. This plays a role in enhancing resolution and the generation of high frequency harmonic overtones.
Detachable cable with locking function
A metal plated monaural plug with a diameter of 3.5mm is employed for the connector on the headphones. By employing a connector with a long track record, trouble resulting from poor connection through changes over time is avoided. This is a cable with a locking mechanism that rotates 90 degrees.
Product code
50mmΦ dynamic
Longueur du câble
Detachable cable with locking mechanism (1.5m)
Commentaires sur la qualité du son
A model characterized by beautiful high frequency harmonic overtone reproduction. These headphones strike a good balance with their high frequencies with a sense of openness, their lively low frequencies and smooth middle frequencies. Perfectly suited to listening to female vocals and pop music. These are the entry model of final's headphones, but their ability is not to be taken lightly.
Commentaires d'utilisateurs
Vocals (anime songs, female) are a little raspy, but instruments sound absolutely wonderful. Stringed instruments are a given, but instruments that produce high, reed-like sounds also have a lot of leeway.
Resolution is also good.
Sound seems to have a dry snap to it.
(male, 20-29 years)
Has the same wonderful finish as SONOROUS III. There's no fault to be found with the position of the instruments and the sound depth.
Compared to III, these have a slightly brighter timbre. III are all-rounders; II would appear to suit lighter music (electronic jazz etc.).
Sound depth falls behind that of III, but you can enjoy instrumental sounds more with these.
When it comes to the timbre of a Steinway piano, it can be enjoyed with both III and II – it's hard to choose between the two.
(- , male)
I listened for a while and felt, "listening to music is really enjoyable".
Compared to III, overall sound is deep; middle and high sounds have reach, but that doesn't mean that bass tones are lacking. The sound spread was just right and had a good feel to it.
I listened to classical music, rock and anime songs, and there was no bias with how good they sounded (in particular, Hilary Hahn's violin increased in luster and depth, and I was hooked on it).
There are no strong idiosyncrasies to any of final's earphones, and I think that their sound creation is popular with everyone.
Fantastic cost performance!
(male, 40-49 years)
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