• Announcing new lineup of dynamic earphones – E5000 and E4000

Announcing new lineup of dynamic earphones – E5000 and E4000

Japanese audio manufacturer S’NEXT (CEO Mitsuru Hosoo) will release the new products from its
in-house brand final – E5000 and E4000 – on May 10th.

E5000 and E4000 are the first MMCX cable models in the hit E series, which has sold more than
100,000 units. With E5000, the popular silver-coated cable used with high-end models such as LABII and FI-BA- SST has been employed.

An acoustic resistor has been fitted inside the rear housing of the driver unit, and this controls the
low-mid range frequency characteristics that determine the framework of the sound quality. At the
end of this, there is an L-shaped space, which is necessary for low-frequency tuning; by
establishing an acoustic chamber, we have combined low frequency volume and clarity.

As with E3000/E2000, we have based these designs on the latest acoustic engineering and
psychological research results; we have not emphasized any particular sound ranges, nor have any
bands been masked, and high resolution has been achieved. Compared to E3000/E2000, these
models produce pure, subtle, unadorned sound. E5000 offers immersive sound that seems to
envelop you; E4000’s strength lies in its realistic, close up and personal sound.

To heighten the resolution across all ranges, acoustic pressure has been lowered. When you first listen, acoustic pressure is low and sound appears laid-back; turning the volume up gradually while assimilating this subtlety affords the user a comfortable listening experience. These are products whose appeal lies not in first impressions; their merits become more apparent the longer you use them.

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- The first models in the E series that can be re-cabled
- Employs the popular original high-purity OFC silver-coated cable (E5000 only)
- Equipped with an acoustic chamber, essential to low-frequency tuning; both low frequency volume and clarity have been achieved
- Pure, subtle sound has been achieved though sound creation based on acoustic engineering and
- Equipped with our unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism
- The machined metal housing suppresses unnecessary vibrations (E5000: stainless steel; E4000: aluminum)
- MMCX connector designed in-house



Product code: FI-E5DSSD
Housing: Stainless steel
Driver: 6.4mm Dynamic
Impedance: 14 Ω
Sensitivity: 93 dB/mW
Cable length: 1.2 m,
Weight: 24 g
Accessories: Carrying case, Earpieces, Ear hooks, Karabiner
Product code: FI-E4DALD
Housing: Aluminum
Driver: 6.4mm Dynamic
Impedance: 15 Ω
Sensitivity: 97 dB/mW
Cable length: 1.2 m,
Weight: 18 g
Accessories: Carrying case, Earpieces, Ear hooks, Karabiner

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