• Announcing new lineup of dynamic earphones – E1000C

Announcing new lineup of dynamic earphones – E1000C

Japanese audio manufacturer S’NEXT (CEO Mitsuru Hosoo) will release the new product from its in-house brand final - E1000C on September 6th.

The first salvo of the E Series, which aims to be long considered without doubt to be a standard, is the E3000/E2000, followed by the launch of the E5000/E4000 re-cable model.  And with the E1000 launched last October, E series has achieved shipment of 300,000 units.

While gaining a great deal of favorable feedback, there were also a number of comments from junior high school and high school aged users in particular noting that they would like to purchase products from the E series but were unable to do so because they were too expensive. With a simple change in the earphones you use, your favorite artist whispers into your ear and the song intros you’ve listened to over and over again sound like completely different music. This is the kind of evocative experience we want young people to have; we want them to take more of an interest in audio products. With this in mind, we embarked on the development of E1000. Given the cost constraint, this development was not easy, but we were able to bring the product to fruition without compromising on quality. While incorporating the latest in acoustic engineering and psychoacoustics gained through our research and development efforts with D8000, our flagship headphones, we envisaged the users buying products in this price range and tuned the product with more focus on pop and rock music than usual. We’ve achieved clear, well-balanced sound from low through to high tones, with a realistic sound spread much like you are listening to live music. 

Now, we launch the E1000C, which is equipped with a controller that incorporates a microphone, in response to requests from those who would like to operate playback and stop features, make phone calls or enjoy chat while playing games.

We’ve come up with three color variations - BLACK, RED and BLUE. This is a new entry model from final that we encourage those experiencing genuine earphones for the first time to try.

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・Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research
・Equipped with our unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism
・The 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver unit boasts an extraordinarily high level of precision for this price range
・Single-button controller with microphone
・Original earpieces with a color difference between the left and right bushes
・Employs a thick, flexible original cable
・Three color variations – BLACK, RED and BLUE
Housing: ABS
Driver: 6.4mm Dynamic
Impedance: 16 Ω
Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW
Cable length: 1.2 m, 
Weight: 15 g 
Accessories: Earpieces
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