Dynamic headphones for enjoying music in a relaxed manner.
The reproduction of strong, realistic sound that could not be achieved until now with a small
aperture driver is the appealing feature of the Adagio series. The series has a high degree
of sound insulation, and combines sound quality with user friendliness.

Adagio V employs a machined stainless steel housing. Unnecessary resonance is suppressed,
and the product delivers a vividness much like that of live music heard from the front row
of a music venue.
Adagio II and Adagio III both employ an ABS housing. Through a form that optimizes airflow in
the housing, these products deliver three-dimensional spatial representation and strong sound.

The primary meaning of "Adagio" is "make oneself comfortable". The Adagio series has aimed
for sound quality that has both bass tones and high frequencies coming strongly and
vigorously to the forefront; even with poorly recorded music and compressed sound sources,
the wearer can relax and enjoy music without becoming too nervous or analytical.

Adagio V

Delivers sound with a sense of speed to it,
with the machined stainless steel housing suppressing unnecessary resonance.

Adagio III

Optimizes airflow in the housing and delivers
three-dimensional spatial representation and rich bass tones.

Adagio II

Delivers powerful sound that could not be
produced with small aperture driver units up until now.