• Announcing the release of new product -the OFC silver coated cable!

Announcing the release of new product -the OFC silver coated cable!

We will release the new product – the OFC silver coated cable – on February 28. This cable was developed and manufactured in conjunction with Junkosha, a company well known for its development and manufacturing of cable for the supercomputer “kei”, which required high speed signal transmission. The conductor is comprised of a three-ply set of fifty 0.08mm silver-coated wires. For insulating film, a PFA fluoropolymer with the lowest inductivity, created using know- how gleaned from Junkosha’s Junflon brand, was employed, while for the jacket, PVC was employed so as to increase flexibility. A surprising level of flexibility was achieved through final’s own unique manufacturing method; the cable is flexible and easy to use. This cable has been employed with our high-end earphone models including LAB II, Piano Forte X ~ VIII-T and FI-BA- SST, and these models have received a great deal of praise for their clear, vast acoustic fields. Here, we have commercialized this product in response to the many requests for headphone cables. This product is for exclusive use with our D8000 AFDS planar magnetic headphones and the SONOROUS series. To accommodate a wide range of needs, we have prepared five plugs - 2.5mm / 1.5m, 3.5m / 1.5m, 4.4mm / 1.5m, 6.3mm / 1.5m · 3m, and XLR / 1.5m · 3m – for a total of seven items. Items other than 3.5mm / 1.5m, 6.3mm / 3m and XLR / 3m are sold made-to-order. ※For cable lengths other than those specified above, or for cable for use with SONOROUS X, please contact the dealers in your country listed on “DEALERS” page.
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